Excalibur Knobs - Aftermarket Style - Large Red

Excalibur Knobs - Aftermarket Style - Large Red

SKU : ExcalKnobLargeRed

Excalibur Knobs - Aftermarket Style

Large Red




We now have aftermarket knobs available here at Detector Center!    These knobs are constructed with a brass insert and held held to the shaft with a small brass set screw.  Many people prefer the knobs that use this design; now you can get them installed while your detector is in for service.


Note that they come in two sizes:  Large and small.   The large style is available in Red ONLY and is slightly larger than the stock knobs.  See the attached photos.  The smaller size has a slightly reduced diameter than the stock knobs.... and are available in four colors:  Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red.     Note in most pictures a stock knob is pictured for a size comparison only.   A stock knob will not be shipped with any order of these knobs.


This is for the LARGE RED knobs; if you wish to purchase a different color or size they are available on other pages here on this site. 


Price on these are $2.00 each, or a set of 5 for $10.00.  


Installation is available here at Detector Center and would be included with the purchase if the machine is already in for service.   Of course you can purchase a set here and install them yourself.